Tooth Colored Fillings

Tooth Colored Fillings
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Cary Dental Fillings When You Need Them

Cavities are filled by composite dental fillings to save the tooth and seal the hole caused by decay. This restores the tooth’s function and prevents further disease. When you need dental fillings in Cary, the Genesis Dental team has your back. Dr. Leedy utilizes bonded dental fillings that blend seamlessly with the rest of your smile, revitalizing the appearance and health of your teeth.

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Dental Fillings in Cary For a Healthier Smile

Cavities are caused by a build-up of plaque that forms a hole in your tooth. There are different stages of cavities, but with the preventative approach we take at Genesis Dental, we always strive to catch it before the worst develops. Left unchecked, cavities can cause a number of issues in the affected tooth and surrounding area.

If you’re experiencing

  • Tooth sensitivity
  • Tooth pain
  • A visible hole in your teeth
  • Black or white staining on your teeth

Dr. Leedy and the team at Genesis Dental are prepared to get you out of pain and back to health as quickly as possible. With years of experience filling cavities and restoring teeth back to health and function, you can trust Genesis Dental with the future of your smile.

Genesis Dental in Cary, NC

Preserve Your Smile with Dental Fillings in Cary

Left unchecked, cavities can cause further decay to the tooth and gums, increase pain and discomfort, and even make chewing and speaking uncomfortable. Dr. Leedy and the team take a patient-focused approach to fillings, prioritizing your long-term health and comfort. With dental fillings in Cary, you can expect a range of benefits.

  • With proper care, fillings can last at least 7 to 10 years
  • Fillings prevent the cavity from growing larger
  • They enhance the strength of the natural tooth
  • Restores the function of broken or worn down teeth
  • Protect surrounding teeth from disease

A Stronger, Healthier Smile

At Genesis Dental, we emphasize meeting each patient at whatever stage of health they come to us in. Whether you’re looking to keep your mouth clear of disease or looking for relief from a developing cavity, what makes us different is our commitment to personalized care to treat your unique needs.


The lifespan of dental fillings depends on the material used, but with proper care, they can last many years.

While this will depend on your individual plan and coverage, most insurances cover a percentage of dental fillings cost.

We do our utmost to make sure you have a relaxing and comfortable visit with us, and when it comes to dental fillings, we utilize sedation therapy to numb the treatment area so you can stay pain-free during the procedure.