Implant Dentistry

Implant Dentistry
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Cary Dental Implants For a Strong and Healthy Smile

Dental implants are a long-lasting and natural-looking solution to complete your smile. Dental implants can fill in the gap left by a missing tooth with a titanium post that is surgically anchored to your jawbone to act as the root of the tooth. A crown is then attached to the post, blending seamlessly with the rest of your natural smile. Dental implants in Cary, provided by Dr. Leedy, are custom-made to match the rest of your teeth in color and size.

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Implant Dentistry in Cary For the Future of Your Smile

At Genesis Dental, your total health is our top priority, and that includes your mental and emotional well-being. We know that the appearance of your smile has a big impact on your confidence, and when you visit our practice for dental implants in Cary, we strive to make you feel good and look good. Dental implants provide a natural and enduring solution to missing teeth while also preserving jawbone density, supporting surrounding teeth, and preventing future bone loss.

Dental implants could be the treatment you need for a stronger, healthier smile if

  • Your jawbone density is healthy enough to support the implant anchor
  • You want an enduring and seamless solution to missing teeth
  • You want an option that feels and functions like a natural tooth
  • You’re ready to show off your smile with confidence

Genesis Dental is the best place to get dental implants in Cary. Dr. Leedy will work with you to achieve your aesthetic goals and meet your oral health needs. With custom-made porcelain crowns that match your teeth, your smile will be healthy, strong, and natural.

Genesis Dental in Cary, NC

A Stronger, Healthier Smile

Utilizing dental implants to complete your smile consists of several steps. After the initial consultation, Dr. Leedy will surgically place the implant, or “root,” and allow a period for healing where your jaw will bond with the implant. Afterward, a crown will be attached to the implant anchor. The entire process spans several months, but don’t worry—we use a temporary crown to ensure your smile never looks unfinished while we work toward the final goal.

The different dental implant services in Cary, offered at Genesis Dental, leave you with

  • Durable, permanent teeth
  • A whole and healthy smile
  • Custom veneers to match the rest of your teeth
  • Complete functionality and aesthetic appearance

Smart, Informed Decisions About Your Oral Health

When it comes to completing your smile, Genesis Dental offers several solutions to fit your unique needs. Whether you’re considering single implants, all-on-4 implants, or implant-retained dentures, Dr. Leedy’s extensive experience and patient-focused approach to dental implants in Cary ensure a patient experience of excellence, comfort, and the smile of your dreams.


This will depend on your individual plan and coverage, but generally, insurance will cover a portion of the dental implant cost if it is considered to be medically necessary. If it is a cosmetic elective, you may not receive coverage.

Patients with sufficient jawbone density to anchor the dental implants to are great candidates for single and multiple implants. Dr. Leedy will discuss all your options with you and help you make educated decisions on your oral health.

Depending on your age, when you get an implant, and how well you care for it, dental implants can last anywhere from 10 to 30 years.