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Sedation Dentistry
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Cary Sedation Dentistry To Calm Your Nerves

When you’re experiencing dental anxiety over an upcoming visit or procedure, the compassionate team at Genesis Dental strives to make you feel safe and at ease. With dental sedation in Cary, we create an environment where you can relax, and we can do what we do best—getting you out of pain and on the road to your ideal smile.

Genesis Dental in Cary, NC

Sedation Dentistry in Cary For the Best Experience

Dental anxiety is extremely common, and the Genesis Dental team has years of experience in treating patients who struggle to feel comfortable in the operating chair. Don’t let fear hold you back from receiving the care you need to keep your oral health in shape. With conscious oral sedation for dentistry, you’ll feel relaxed and secure with our compassionate team by your side.

Dr. Leedy may suggest conscious oral sedation for dental treatments if you experienced

  • General anxiety over visits to the dentist
  • Fear of pain during treatment
  • Strong gag reflex
  • Fear of needles
  • Intensive dental procedures
Genesis Dental in Cary, NC

No More Anxiety, Better Health

If you’re feeling anxious, fearful, or have adverse reactions to dental procedures like a strong gag reflex, oral sedation for dental treatments can help you relax and get the quality care you deserve. Dr. Leedy and the team have years of experience helping anxious patients feel at ease at our Cary dental office, and we want to help you, too.

We offer oral sedation dentistry in Cary to help patients with

  • Feeling relaxed but conscious of your surroundings
  • Experiencing minimal discomfort during dental procedures
  • Calming a fear of needles
  • Relaxing a strong gag reflex
  • Extensive treatment needs


Transparency is Key

At Genesis Dental, we believe everyone deserves access to quality oral healthcare, and with the use of sedation therapy for dentistry, we make that a possibility for as many people as possible. The latest technology in dentistry doesn’t just allow us to make your smile look better, it also helps us to make you feel better. What makes Genesis Dental different is our commitment to your oral health and emotional and mental well-being.


When administered by a trained professional, dental sedation is generally safe, with risks evaluated prior to the procedure.

It is not recommended to drive after sedation; you should arrange for someone to bring you home.

Dental sedation minimizes discomfort; however, some procedures may also require local anesthesia to block pain.