Dental Bonding

Dental Bonding
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Cary Dental Bonding To Complete Your Smile

Dental bonding in Cary, also referred to as composite bonding, provides a great solution for the repair of minor dental imperfections like chips, cracks, or gaps between teeth. This procedure is minimally invasive and can enhance your smile in a single visit, elevating your smile’s appearance and your confidence with only minor alterations to your natural teeth.


Genesis Dental in Cary, NC

Dental Bonding in Cary For a Whole and Beautiful Smile

Accidents happen, and sometimes that leads to chipped or cracked teeth. When the unexpected occurs, and your smile takes the brunt of it, Genesis Dental has what it takes to make your smile whole and bright again. Whether you’re looking to repair chips, fill in gaps, or correct discoloration, dental bonding in Cary, provided by Dr. Leedy, can give you a strong, complete smile once again.

Dental bonding may be the solution for you if

  • If you’re feeling self-conscious about chipped or cracked teeth
  • You hide your smile when laughing or taking photos
  • You’re feeling unsatisfied with gaps breaking up your smile
  • You want to correct discolored or stained teeth
Genesis Dental in Cary, NC

Fill in the Gaps With Dental Bonding Treatments

Dental bonding is a quick and effective solution to repairing minor blemishes in your smile. It requires very little, if any, enamel removal and, as a result, is completely reversible. You’ll likely need touchups every three to 10 years, and it is generally a painless procedure because your dentist won’t be working anywhere close to the pain-sensing nerve inside your tooth.

  • Minimally invasive
  • Conceals a wide range of cosmetic imperfections
  • Fast and convenient with usually only a single appointment needed
  • Requires zero downtime
  • Durable and long-lasting

Minimally-Invasive Treatments That Last

Whether you’re visiting us for a routine cleaning or a smile makeover, Genesis Dental has what it takes to elevate your oral health and revitalize your smile. We approach your oral health with a high-tech, human touch supported by years of experience in crafting custom smiles that last. What makes Genesis Dental different is our commitment to delivering the personalized care you deserve.


Dental bonding is almost completely painless, as your dentist won’t be working anywhere near the pain-sensing nerve of your tooth.

Cared for properly, dental bonding can last for years with minor touch-ups.

Dental bonding requires zero downtime, and you’ll be able to resume all normal activities after the procedure.