Same Day Crowns

Same Day Crowns
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Cary Same Day Dental Crowns When You Need Them

Dental crowns in Cary are durable, custom-made caps that cover and protect damaged or weakened teeth. They provide a perfect solution for patients who have suffered significant tooth decay, injury, or undergone a root canal treatment. Crowns restore the tooth’s functionality and aesthetics, as well as improve your chewing ability, enhance oral appearance, and protect against further damage, providing a long-lasting solution for your future smile.

Genesis Dental in Cary, NC

Same Day Crowns in Cary For a Complete Smile

When your smile is suffering from broken or decayed teeth, custom-made dental crowns can restore your smile to its former health and function. Dr. Leedy and the expert team at Genesis Dental have been placing crowns and restoring smiles for years, and if you’re a good candidate for this type of restorative therapy, we’ll support you every step of the way to your new smile.

Dental crowns may the right solution for your oral health if you’re experiencing

  • Worn-down or broken teeth
  • Severely stained or discolored tooth
  • Have a root canal-treated tooth
  • Dental pain or discomfort
Genesis Dental in Cary, NC

Same Day Dental Crowns in Cary For A Strong and Beautiful Smile

Same-day crowns in Cary, provided by Dr. Leedy, allow us to craft your custom dental crowns and place them in the same visit. Utilizing CEREC technology, we are able to take a digital mold of your tooth and carefully design the restoration, select the appropriate material and shade for your specific tooth, and place this material into the milling machine, which then shapes it into a custom-fitted crown.

  • Protect weak and damaged teeth
  • A natural look and functional feel
  • Improved eating and speaking
  • Relieving dental pain or discomfort
  • A confident and attractive smile

Same-Day Crowns for the Smile You Deserve

When you’re seeking a solution to a complete and healthy smile, you want to trust the health of your teeth to a professional who will really listen and has the technology to back it up. Dr. Leedy and the expert team at Genesis Dental utilize CEREC technology to deliver accurate, long-lasting, same-day crowns to complete your smile. What makes Genesis Dental different is our commitment to our long-term health and the future of your smile.


No! Before beginning, Dr. Leedy will thoroughly numb the treatment area. While you may experience some discomfort after the procedure, this will pass shortly.

With proper care, dental crowns can last between five and 15 years.

While this will depend on your individual coverage and plan, most insurances do cover a percentage of the cost of dental crowns.